Cape Cod Thanksgiving Events Chatham Turkey Trot Looking for some exercise before devouring that Thanksgiving Dinner? The Chatham Turkey Trott is the perfect place to do so. With over 1,000 runners in years past, this event is sure to be a blast for all ages!...Read more
Spring and summer provide never-ending days for hitting the links, and autumn reigns supreme for some Cape Cod golfers. Picture this… the crisp sound of a club face contacting the golf ball with no grass in between. The muted “thunk” of a well-played bunker shot...Read more
There are dozens of top rated charter guides with vessels of all sizes and excursions from which you can choose your special trip. Fish can be found in every depth of water and are actively feeding before they migrate on out of the area. Whichever...Read more
There’s no better way to explore Cape Cod than on foot, where you can take in the sights, sounds, scents, and scenery first-hand. Whether you want the focus to be on history, architecture, or culture, there’s tour for you. Pause and check out sea captain’s...Read more
Keep the good times going with an artistic session at one of these professionally run studios. All will offer design suggestions or custom designed art to fit any desires. Coastline Tattoo Studio Provincetown | Provincetown Dedicated to creating quality, one of a kind Tattoos and...Read more
The relative risk of a shark attack is very small, but risks should always be minimized whenever possible in any activity. The chances of having an interaction with a shark can be reduced if one heeds the following advice: How to Avoid Shark Attacks This...Read more
Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or new to the experience, don’t pass up the opportunity to get out on Cape waters and paddle the abundance of beautiful seascapes up close. See shore birds, mammals, plants and habitats unique to the waterways of New England. Adventure...Read more
Since the first European shipwreck of the Sparrowhawk on Nauset Beach in 1626, hundreds of vessels have wrecked on the shores and shoals of Cape Cod. Since 1848, nine US Life Saving Stations staffed with rescue crews were joined by the building of several lighthouses,...Read more
Your time to enjoy a refreshing visit to Cape Cod sails into port in early September and lasts through October. All aboard the shoulder season! Fall is a great time to be spontaneous and book a stay at a less crowded, exceptionally beautiful, salt sprayed...Read more
Every spring two species of fish, Alewives and Blueback Herring, abound in Cape Cod rivers and streams, coming from hundreds of miles away in the Atlantic Ocean. Remarkably, each individual returns to breed in the same freshwater ponds in which it was born. Cape Cod...Read more